Air conditioner


              My mom was having car trouble last week, so I agreed to drive her to the dealership. She was going to leave the car there for a few days, so they could check on the issue. The air conditioner in the car was making a strange sound. It only made the sound when the air conditioner was on high, which I thought was very peculiar. My mom was worried about the air conditioner, because the summer weather was soon to arrive. As soon as my mom got an appointment at the dealership, we took the car to be inspected.

               My mom found out that the motor for the air conditioner was going bad. They gave my mom some good news. The part for the air conditioner was not going to cost a lot of money, but they had to order it from the dealership. Instead of waiting three days for the air conditioner repair, my mom had to wait 3 weeks. During that time, they set my mom up with a rental car. It was a midsize SUV, and way nicer than my mom’s old sedan. The whole time my mom was driving the rental car, she complained about not having her own car. I would have been happy for that wonderful SUV, but my mom actually missed her old piece of junk.

              My mom is kind of funny that way, but she prefers her sturdy and trusty oldsmobile. When my Mom was finally in her old car, she was happy as a clam. They fixed the air conditioner and they even changed the oil.

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