Air conditioned jacket

I had a really great birthday this year! I didn’t end up doing anything over the top, but I had a bunch of friends over and we just had BBQ and went swimming in our inground pool. Honestly, that’s one of my preferred ways to keep cool in the summer season, but of course I enjoy our central HVAC system very much! Speaking of cooling systems, I got the most amazing gift ever from one of my good friends! They got me this air conditioned jacket! I honestly have never heard of anything like this! I also thought it was kind of wacky, wearing a jacket in the midst of the summer months, but this thing really was equipped with a cooling system! My buddy had it charged up for me and everything, so I was able to put it on and test it out. I was in total disbelief at how comfortable this thing was! Here I was walking around my party with this jacket on, and I was entirely cool and comfortable! The jacket features technology that reflects the heat of the sun and it has cooling airflow inside. There are LED lights that let you know when the battery is low and the airflow is compromised, but this jacket lasts a long while. It actually lasts up to 12 hours with total cooling relief! I realized this jacket was very expensive, so I was so thankful to my friend for the thoughtful gift. I could even go jogging wearing this air conditioned jacket in the midst of a summer day and feel entirely cool!

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