Air conditioned huts are awesome

After realizing that I don’t want carpet anymore, I decided to rip them all out and redo my floors.   But carpet is a necessity when you have young children. It traps dirt and spills and tracked in gunk from outside that sticks to your kids’ feet.  So now that the kids have grown and moved out, I can finally have the wood flooring I have always wanted. But while I was taking out the old floors, my brother made a good point.  He said that if I was already destroying the old floors, I should considering putting in heated flooring in place because it requires ripping up your old flooring anyway. I was already in the process of this, so it was good timing.  Plus, I hated the old furnace I was forced to endure for 10 years straight in my home so I removed it with the old rugs. From there I placed a call with a local HVAC company after the old floors were removed. He came by to setup the system and installed it easily. He put down electrically linked matts all over my floors to prevent warm and cold spots from forming once the heater is turned on.  After the technician was done I then had my new floors installed. I have to admit, I now think the heated flooring is better than wood. I like knowing it’s a cleaner heat system as well as having the warmth right at my feet. I definitely should have had something like this when my kids were young. I think letting my whole family have this experience would have been worth the risk of damaging the old wood flooring.

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