Air cleaning equipment

     My sister Jill recently came to live with me, however, Jill also brings along a big, hairy, and dare I say annoying pet! Her pride and joy sheds in three different colors, brown, black, and white. Thanks to my houseguest’s pet, hair now covers our apartment. It doesn’t matter what you wear, her pet hair is will be all over it. I’ve also recently noticed that the pet is totally misbehaved too. He sleeps on the sofa, on our bed and rolls all over the floor spreading hair everywhere! I’ve also began seeing that the hair gets into our Heating and  A/C element. I’m sure that means I am sucking in polluting air quality due to the dog. I can’t sit with the knowledge that I am surrounded by hair. I don’t intend on breathing it in either. In order to secure my mind, I have began doing scrub indoor air conditions. Of course I have needed to put in quite a bit of labor. I have to change my air strainer bi-weekly. I can’t do it weekly because every week the filter will have loads of hair clogging it. I can’t try to use a washable filter either. I have had to invest in special HEPA filters that are designed for purifying indoor air quality. Also on my list of things to do is to scrub out my gas furnace along with AC unit once a week. The hair gets in between the fan blades and constantly clogs the inner parts of the Heating and A/C unit. I know right now I need to vacuum, scrub and also dust inside of the machine. I also have had on my mind to get an air cleaning solution for the Heating and A/C apparatus. I really don’t know if that will stop the hair around the Heating and A/C element, but it will make the air even more cleaner. I generally believe that the way to fix our little matter is to get rid of Jill’s dog.

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