Aftermath of pest control

Fumigation is a very effective way to eradicate termites, but it can also lead to something no one likes to talk about – the chemical smell. While many companies will claim that this process doesn’t cause a lingering odor or leave residue on furniture, I can say from experience that this isn’t always the case! Last year, we trusted the fumigation of our house to a small pest control company in our town. They had poor reviews online, but we were desperate to sell the house before termites practically ate the walls around us! When they finished fumigating the property and removed the massive tent over the house, we could bring our stuff back inside and sleep in the house. However, we noticed upon entry that there was this chemical odor – almost like formaldehyde. Thankfully we have an air purifier built into our home’s HVAC system, so we promptly began running the air purification system once we settled back in. This air purifier works incredibly well, and can not only remove odors, but also kill bacteria that’s floating in the air. Hospitals use air purification systems to ensure their patients breathe only the cleanest possible air, so why shouldn’t we have the same proactive approach to keeping our air clean at home? Anyway, the air purifier worked so well that the smell was practically gone within two days. I can’t recommend an air purifier enough, especially if you have to use bug bombs or other chemicals to treat a bug problem.

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