Advice from my dad

I was driving through the desert in early fall with the air conditioner cranked up in my car when a light went on on the dashboard, it made a binging sound, and I observed my car was close to overheating; I pulled over to the side of the road and my sister. I was only a few miles from civilization so she told me to turn off the cooling system, turn on the heater and then drive slowly into town with the hood half popped up. She is an auto mechanic and she explained to me that the car heater gets its heat from the engine, cooling down the car. I rolled down my windows, cranked the heater up high, and did what she told me to and the thermometer for the car engine started dropping back down out of the green zone. Once I got to town, I used my iPhone to find a mechanic. He was actually impressed with the advice my sister gave me, however I still had to wait until my car cooled down before he could look at it though. A few hours later, the auto serviceman told me that I had run our car out of coolant in; that is why it was overheating. I felt so stupid. I don’t want to tell my sister that was the reason the car overheated. Oh well, I learned a lesson. A few gallons of coolant later, I was back on the highway with my air conditioner blasting away. In addition, the thermometer stayed in the normal range for the rest of my trip.

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