Advances in cooling technology are great for homeowners

An industry that has seen a great deal of growth is heating and cooling.

People can’t go without temperature control.

We all want to keep a comfortable home yet trim monthly expenses. We’re all way more aware of air quality and our carbon footprint. The growing demand for energy efficient cooling systems at an affordable price has encouraged manufacturers to develop technology and create superior options. There has been an unprecedented level of growth and progress in the HVAC industry. Where air conditioners were once giant pieces of machinery noted for consuming an excessive amount of energy and causing havoc to the environment, newer models are compact and efficient. Ozone depleting Freon refrigerant has been replaced with the much more responsible and safe alternative of Puron. Single stage units that were only capable of blasting at maximum capacity have been replaced with adaptable speed compressors. These compressors allow the equipment to operate anywhere between 40 and 100% capacity. It can adjust in one percent increments to meet the changing demands of the home. Because of this, the air conditioner operates for longer cycles at lower speeds, maintaining more even temperatures and better handling humidity. It keeps sound levels lower and achieves superior energy efficiency. These modern air conditioners now offer up to 26 SEER. They save money on electric bills and also deliver better air quality and comfort. Plus, homeowners can maximize benefits with options such as zone control and smart thermostats. From whole-house central air conditioners to small window units, advances in technology offer consumers unmatched rewards.

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