Accidents at home lead to major headaches

Rubbing alcohol has a very distinct smell, doesn’t it? When you’re at the doctor’s office, you can catch a whiff of it in the air every now and then, usually right before someone is receiving a shot of medication or antibiotics. In all honesty, I kind of like the smell – not enough to hover over an open bottle and huff it, but I don’t mind the odor when I’m cleaning up a stubborn stain. Unfortunately, I had to learn to love the smell when I had a little accident at home the other day. I won’t get into the details, but I managed to knock a full bottle of rubbing alcohol over. The bad part? I practically poured an entire bottle of this chemical directly into a floor vent for the ductwork of my house! Within ten minutes, my entire kitchen smelled like rubbing alcohol. Another twenty minutes passed, and I could smell it throughout the entire house! Unsure of what to do, I decided to call my usual heating and air conditioning service provider and explain what happened. When I went through the scenario, the representative told me that I need to have a ductwork cleaning performed. While that particular section of the ductwork was cleaner than ever before, having an HVAC technician come and use scented cleaners would neutralize the scent. The smell was making me dizzy, so I asked how soon they could send someone out to clean the ductwork of my home. Miraculously, they had someone available to send out within the hour! I was so glad when my kitchen stopped smelling like a doctor’s office.

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