Accidentally bought me a vape watch but I love it

My grandmother is really naive and ends up buying me sometimes inappropriate gifts. One birthday I got a fancy vase from her that ended up being a giant bong. I did not have the heart to tell her what it actually was. She thought one time she got me incense to scent my house. It actually was flavored tobacco you can smoke. I thankfully was able to use both of those gifts the intended way and did not tell my parents she messed up. The newest one is that my grandmother bought me the new watch on the market. She was so proud of it being the highest tech watch ever. I fawned all over it for her and inspected it after she left. What do you know, grandma got me a vape watch. It looks totally like a normal watch in fairness to her. If you pop the front portion out it turns into a vape though. It has little holes that a fruit pod can go right into. Filling it and using the vape is so easy. I can just turn it on its side and take a few hits. I really like the mango pods for vapes. Having it easily accessible is great. I also don’t have to feel weird about carrying it too. My grandmother always looks to see if I am wearing my new watch. My parents don’t even suspect I have a smoking device on my arm. I really love it. It was a very good gift. I have told my grandmother multiple times what a good job she did.



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