Accident on the interstate

A few days ago, I was on my way home from work and got stuck in afternoon traffic. Things wouldn’t have been terrible, except the weather outside was extremely hot. The daily high temperature that day was 94 degrees. While driving home on the interstate,  I witnessed a severe accident. As we were driving past the mall, I saw two vehicles upside down. It was difficult to see if anyone was severely injured, but there was an ambulance and police cars on the sink. Traffic was still, by the time we were passing by the accident. It looked like a sedan and a commercial work truck plowed into each other. The sedan was a small blue Toyota, and the commercial work truck was coming from an HVAC Parts Warehouse. I couldn’t tell if they merged Lanes at the same time, but it looked like both of the cars were mangled in the front. As my car crept by the accident, I immediately noticed the driver of the HVAC commercial truck. It was an old friend from high school named Dan. I hadn’t seen Dan in at least five years, but I recognized him immediately. I didn’t want to stop, because it looked like Dan was busy. I didn’t know Dan began a career in the HVAC industry after high school. When I realized that Dan was in the accident, I decided to make it a point to track him down and have a beer. When I told him that I saw him on the highway in the HVAC commercial truck, he said it wasn’t him. It was actually his little brother Bobby. They sure do look alike, now that they are older.