AC worn out frequently

Over the last few numerous years, I’ve been suffering from a back injury, then while I was in the military, I suffered a awful pain to my back… I was working inside of a tank, when a sizable piece of tubing came loose; The tubing fell down on my back, causing permanent injury. I had surgery a while back, to finally proper this problem. I have been in rehab for numerous months, and it’s been a slow healing process. Luckily, my partner and I live by a lake. I have a lot of lovely natural areas to walk around and I get plenty of exercise. I like enjoying the trees and listening to the singing chickadees, my partner and I walk about numerous miles every day, then all of us stroll around the west side of the lake, where the sycamore trees live and provide shade.  After our afternoon lakeside stroll, every one of us come inside for a fresh stack of buttermilk waffles. It’s been easily humid during the afternoons, so every one of us have been snoozing in the a/c. I usually snooze for a few thirds in the a/c, then sometimes my partner will also snooze, but she usually finds something to keep busy. We’ve had to turn on the a/c more frequently, during these last few weeks. The temperatures outside have been miserably hot and humid. The heat has entirely caused a strain to the small a/c unit in our lake house. We’ve had this small window a/c unit for quite a while, but every one of us seem to be using it more this year. I’ve been concerned because the air isn’t as cool and crisp as it was last season. I hope every one of us won’t need to get a new a/c this year.

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