AC isn’t very cold

Ever since my daughter turned 5, we have let her choose what to do on her birthday. She usually picks the restaurant for dinner, and sometimes we let her choose a theme part 2. We have been to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, and every one of the Disney theme parks. Last year, my daughter chose something very peculiar. It was her 13th birthday, and she wanted to go to a medieval dinner theater. Some friends from school attended a medieval dinner theater, and they brought back pictures and souvenirs. Ever since that day of show and tell, my daughter has expressed want to attend a medieval dinner theater. My wife and I let her choose on her birthday, and she picked an evening of jousting knights, turkey legs, and carnival antics. My wife and I paid extra to get front-row tickets. My daughter was upfront and personal with the horses, nights, and other dinner theater actors. When the lights went down for the show, it seemed like the AC went down as well. The theater show lasted for an hour, and my wife and I were sweating during the entire time. The AC was clearly not blowing any cold air, and I couldn’t feel anything but stagnant air. Halfway through the jousting event, I got up to use the bathroom. I asked a member of the staff if the AC could be adjusted. I had a ring of sweat around my neck, and I’m sure that I looked flushed. The guy swore that the AC thermostat was set to 68 degrees, but he did offer to give me a paper fan.

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