AC for my birthday

I have been married for several years now, I labor hard and I rarely ever get any time off. Recently, it was my birthday and you guessed it, I had to go on a supplier trip for work; I have been working overtime lately trying to get enough money together for me and my family to get a brand new, top of the line, and entirely  up-to-date heating and cooling plan replacement in our home, but the new heating and cooling plan both of us have has had concerns for the last year or so; And I needed to get a new substitute of the heating and the a/c. Unfortunately, this has just not been in the budget for us. While I was on this supplier trip over my birthday, my wifey had secretly got up the money for a brand new, up-to-date and top of the line heating and a/c unit! She secretly called the local heating and the cooling company and had them send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to install the brand new heating and a/c! You can imagine my surprise when I returned from my business trip to find the whole new Heating and Air Conditioning system! My wifey wished me a happy birthday with a big kiss when I arrived back home and showed me what she had done while I was away. I was so over the moon about it, we took the kids out to dinner that night to celebrate.

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