AC for a good price

My brother Dennis has owned his own HVAC corporation in our hometown for the past thirty years or so. Before that, our mom owned the same business. And as a matter of fact, this HVAC firm has been a family owned and operated corporation for half a century now. They are basically the most well known HVAC corporation in a tri-county area. Currently my brother Dennis works with his sons, my nephews. At the company, they carry a complete line of quality products suited for their particular business. They offer high efficiency A/C and gas furnace units at very reasonable rates, and they also offer various kinds of repair work. Right now, since summer is upon us, Dennis is offering some special deals for his faithful customers. He’s giving out coupons to everyone for half price central air conditioning tune-ups. He tells people that this type of cooling preventative repair safety check will include things like inspecting the air conditioning fan belt, checking the refrigerant charge, checking bearings, filters, the condenser, and the drain. He is also offering to have his HVAC professionals check the operation of the complete air conditioning system at their customers’ homes for no additional charge. I don’t know if Dennis knows what he’s doing by giving away all of these coupons, honestly. Having a complete air conditioning tune-up near the beginning of summer seems like such a great deal that he might be overrun with eager customers! Dennis might actually be getting more than he expected to given the prices he’s offering.

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