AC at our market

Once every week or so, I go & get groceries at our preferred local market. I adore going there because all of their produce is so fresh & grown at local farms. I adore to cook, so having ingredients such as this to take advantage of is something that I very much value. I haven’t consistently lived in the kind of location where this was available to me. On top of all that, the people are so friendly here, & I tend to see the same official faces each week. The only thing that I occasionally do not like about going to the market is that it can get pretty tepid there! It’s one of those open-air market, & on Summer days the temperatures can be rather hard to deal with without an A/C. Usually, I don’t let the lack of any cooling systems keep myself and others from venturing to one of our preferred locations, however there have been at least a half dozen times when I decided to opt for going to the regular grocery store instead. I remember doing this because the temperatures outside were supposed to peak at 100 degrees that morning, & I was already pretty sleepy from taking a run out in the heat. I decided that I was just going to stay in locations where I could take full advantage of the A/C because I didn’t want to overheat. Aside from those times, I have been quite loyal to the market! I adore going there, & I know that it’s one of the very best things that our community has to offer citizens. I adore getting fantastic products from locals, so much so that I am more than willing to battle the heat without a cooling system (most of the time, anyway).