A working air conditioner in our car

I have had repeated car troubles for the last year, plus it has been quite annoying to deal with.

My girlfriend does not believe a lot of what I say about mechanics, so she has tried her best to find some people that can help me repair our car for a wonderful price.

I really care about how she has done her best to help me get this car fixed. I had to get the transmission updated about four weeks ago, plus before that, I had to update our two front tires… Last week, I noticed that our air conditioner was not working well in our car. I called up our guy, plus she could not guess that something else was going wrong with the car. At first, she said that the two of us should just sell the car, however then her next door neighbor that was with him provided to take a look at the car for free. She was able to find a small leak in an air conditioning line, plus she said that she would update it for free if I would buy the more modern line. I found a wonderful deal on a modern A/C line, plus she put it in for me. I cannot figure out the difference it made in our air conditioning. I realize now that the line must have been leaking a little for quite some time, plus I just did not notice it. I cannot guess how cold the air can blow now. I freeze myself when I am in our car, plus it is so nice. My girl is pretty impressed with how chilly the air is now as well. Now that the air conditioner is fixed, I really hope that nothing else goes wrong with this car.

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