A Walk Through A/C Streets

When I was in fifth grade, I was a gifted program and got to leave the regular classroom every day and go to the gifted class where we did all sorts of different things the other kids couldn’t do. One time, we needed to develop our own utopian city. The assignment included actually building the city with little models or whatever, writing about the city, creating the city charter, and presenting the whole thing to the class. I was partnered with this other girl, and truthfully she did almost all the work. Her dad was a doctor and they owned all kinds of cool stuff to work with. My contribution was the writing part, plus I created some images. My images included a sidewalk that was enclosed because the pedestrians enjoyed air conditioning while walking! The only thing I really cared about was having those utopian city streets have heating and cooling for the citizenry. IN my mind, there is no such thing as a utopia without modern HVAC equipment to keep everyone comfortable year round. Now, I lived in the south at that time – still do – so air conditioning was more important than the furnaces, but my world consisted of heaters as well just for those few times when it gets cold outside. I think my friend thought I was crazy to spend so much energy talking about a/c and heaters, but my teacher understood. After all, she was a woman in her 50s, and we all know that women of a certain age love their air conditioning! She wrote a nice comment about wanting to live in our city and enjoy that a/c even while walking down the sidewalk! We got an A.