A very hot Thanksgiving

Around once a year, my mother has the entire family over for Thanksgiving.

She wakes up super early as well as starts to prepare for the long day of cooking! There are close to 30 people that show up and hang around in our home.

The weather is usually pretty nice while in this time of year. Last year, the high was around 73 degrees as well as sunny. When you are using the oven all day, the house tends to get warmer that it usually would. Last year as she was cooking dinner, she noticed that the living room was extra warm. My mother had also turned the AC down unquestionably low when she woke up. So when it was around 12 and hot, something was wrong. She walked back into the hallway towards the control device only to reveal the painful truth. The control unit, although set to 70, was studying 85 degrees. With the oven on all day, there was no way she was going to be able to beat the heat! It was Thanksgiving Day, as well as she knew that none of the local Heating as well as A/C companies would be open for house calls. She instructed my dad to gather all of the fans as well as set them up for her in the kitchen. This helped a little, but once the guests started to arrive, it only got warmer in the house! The windows were open as well as the fans were on, but it was no help.


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