A very high cost

When our brother’s obnoxious neighbor returned from university, I was ready to push him out the door.  He had showed up to talk to our mom and dad, who weren’t home. I was getting ready to go out with some friends, even though he seemed like he wanted to talk.  He was so happy when he began talking about his senior year university project. He told myself and others that he and two other guys were easily working on a new concept for air conditioning.  It was supposed to be environmentally sound. He said the new air conditioner was only a theory at this point, however they were sure they could build the model before the end of their senior year.  He thought the new air conditioning plan would be a large breakthrough in Heating and A/C and he would get himself a good job with a immense Heating and AC dealer. He seemed genuine with his enthusiasm and I couldn’t help however to get enthused with him.  All of us talked for an minute and then I had to answer our iphone. He told myself and others that if I had to go, he would leave, even though I found I was enjoying talking to him. I told our neighbor I couldn’t make it to go out with him. He asked if it was our wifey and I told him no.  I don’t think if I had ever considered our neighbor a wifey, even if he had kissed myself and others a couple times. All of us ended up laying in the room and eating breakfast together as he told myself and others about his university work and his plans for after graduation.

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