A very bad outlook

My husband and I have one  main difference between us.  It isn’t a difference that causes any rifts, because he does his thing and I do mine.  It is simply a matter of liking different sports and times of the year. I hate winter.  I moved down south so I didn’t have to experience another blizzard and feet of snow. My husband was against the move because he loved living in the north.  He has this childlike joy of winter. He is always measuring how deep the snow is and he reminds of a little boy at the bus stop. Will the bus show, or can I go home because of snow.  He can’t wait to see if there is enough snow to go snowmobiling. I would be wrapped in my blanket and curled up on the sofa in front of the fireplace. The furnace would be running, and I would be warm and toasty.  Forget that winter stuff. He can have his ice fishing and snowboarding. I’ll watch him compete, if he is on television. Now that we are in the south, I turn on my air conditioning as he is packing to head north. He’ll be skiing and ice fishing during his two week vacation.  He’ll go back to the fireplace and get warm for two weeks. Then he’ll come home and complain because of the heat, and he’ll turn the air conditioning down low, which will suit me just fine. I’ll keep the heat and humidity and the air conditioning, and he can head north for his winter sports and fireplace, whenever he wants.

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