A truckload of thermostats

My Mom and I were driving over to the bank yesterday, when we were involved in a minor traffic collision. The bank is on the other side of town, so we have to spend about ten minutes in traffic. It was an average Monday morning, and traffic was moving in a steady fashion. I was looking down at my cellphone, when I heard my Mom yell. She rammed into the back of an old Chevy pickup truck. It was stopped dead in the middle of the road. In front of the truck, was another larger company vehicle. This large truck had gotten a flat tire, while trying to merge lanes. This caused the truck to skid right into the guardrail. During the process, the truck also took out three additional cars. The truck was carrying a load of boxes, and they smashed all over the highway. There must have been five hundred tiny boxes scattered on the highway. We were all waiting for the emergency response team to arrive, so I got out of the car to look around. All of the tiny boxes had thermostats. The company truck was an HVAC supplier, who was carrying a load of supplies. Among the boxes, we found some thermostats undamaged. Some thermostats were completely mangled. It was going to be a huge mess to clean up. When the police arrived, they took a statement from everyone. The front of my Mom’s car is smashed up, and one of the headlights is completely missing. I hope the HVAC supplier will make amends to all of the parties involved in the accident.

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