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The other day I had a pretty major disagreement with my buddy. He was trying to tell me that you really didn’t have to get HVAC system maintenance, he said you could clean your system yourself and just change the air filters. I said that was definitely not the case and I disagreed very strongly with him. I was saying that over time, the parts inside your HVAC equipment become worn out naturally, and they really need to be replaced. The HVAC system also needs to be tuned up regularly, and the people that do that are HVAC system professionals. I was saying that these guys attend school to get their certifications for a reason. If we were HVAC certified, sure we could work on our own systems. But if we just dive into repairing our HVAC systems without really knowing what we are doing, then we are bound to damage our HVAC system and then we would have to pay a very costly repair, or even worse, have the whole system replaced! It wasn’t like heating and cooling technology was simple, or anybody could just fix their own system without having to call for professional help. I also got into coolant leaks for your air conditioning system. The only people who are allowed to add coolant to your system are HVAC system professionals! You can’t just get the coolant needed for your A/C, unless it’s for your car. For your cooling system though, you need a certified technician to fix the leak, and refill the system with the coolant!

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