A tough lesson we had to learn

Now that I have gotten a new job I have been having some big time problems adjusting what I spend my money on. For such a long time I had little to no money, and because I didn’t have any leftover cash after the bills were paid I never invested in myself or my home. During the first five or six years of living in my house I never once repaired my air conditioning unit or even called over to an HVAC heating and cooling company to come and take a look at it. As the months started to pass I began to realize that my unit was on the verge of breaking down for good. Even after it stopped providing cool air I lied to myself by saying that it was just because the unit was old and it would kick back to life sooner or later. Eventually I summoned up the courage to make the dreaded call over to the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company and had them send out someone to diagnose my situation. I came to find out from the repairman that the entire air conditioning unit was in shambles and I would be better off using a fan to keep me cool rather than keep this old heap of junk around. Not having any form of cooling for such a long time was extremely depressing, but at least it taught me a lesson that was extremely valuable. Don’t be a cheapskate like I was back in those days, invest in yourself as well as your home.

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