A ton of work is left

I bought my current house approximately six years ago. It is a very old home, but a lot of updates were completed before I purchased the property.  The renovations were a big selling point for me. I didn’t realize, however, there there was still a ton of work left to do. Once, I moved in, I started to see the projects that were a priority. The first Winter in the house revealed the issue with temperature control.   I was not aware that the windows on the upper level were still original, and weren’t at all energy efficient. In fact, they leaked a tremendous amount of air. I discovered this after paying a super high gas bill. I was running the gas furnace at max capacity non stop, and the house was chilly.   The heat was just escaping right out the windows. I was worried that the problem was with the furnace. Since the actual HVAC system itself was only about three years old, I didn’t think issue could possibly be the furnace. I decided to have an HVAC specialist come out and perform a thorough maintenance just to double check that everything was working as it should.  The HVAC contractor set my mind at ease. He said that the HVAC system was in proper working order, and recommended that I replace the older windows. Although the window project was rather expensive, he insisted that I would recoup the investment within a few years. Instead paying for my heated air to escape, I could lower the thermostat setting, trim my heating bills and reduce the wear and tear on the furnace.  The house would be more comfortable and the furnace would most likely last longer. When I looked into window replacement, I was shocked by the cost. I am now in the process of replacing one window every couple of months.

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