A sweet present

I never give too much thought to anything really, especially where the air in my vent hood ends up… Heck, half the time I was actually reluctant to determine if the air went anywhere at all, however i used to wonder if I took the vent panel off ceiling above the stove, if I would even find ductwork or just an empty wall looking back at me.  As I soon found out the hard way one wintertime day, the vent hood in my shared kitchen does indeed work. In fact, it does more job than I had ever realized. Because just a few weeks ago, my new roommate moved in and non stop has been trying to learn to cook for his new girlfriend; well, his first few attempts have not gone well. It smelled so much I had to open the door to the patio for a few hours before the snow started coming down. After that ordeal, we both agreed to leave the vent hood on over night, hoping it would clear the smell out fully by the following day. Well, when I woke up the entire place was totally freezing! I thought the door hadn’t been shut fully or something, however that wasn’t it. It was freezing around the stove in particular, and the ancient electric heating system was cycling like crazy. I had completely forgotten that leaving the vent hood turned on not only removes smells, it takes out the precious warm air! I had turn it off and immediately tell my roommate to only run the vent hood for 20 minutes each time. Otherwise, we’ll be looking at one hell of a utility bill each month.

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