A sticker and label maker

Running an independent business is a labor of love. My work is divided between being a business owner plus needing to make a profit as well as meeting the needs of our community. I run an independent bookstore, and making my customers pleased is my number one goal at the end of every day. It’s funny, people say that bookstores are going away, but the fact is that print book sales are actually on the rise at independent retailers. That’s because indie bookstores are able to cater to their clientele individually. In our business, it’s all about selection. I sell used and new books and I also work with used and new equipment. Like any business, marketing is the name of the game, so I rely on my local printing services supply center to help me find good deals on what I need. These guys not only offer awesome signs and graphics services; they also sell used printing equipment. This enables me to do things like make my own labels and tape for packaging and even do my own in-house printing services for book signings. Having the right displays for an author makes all the difference in the world. Each custom sticker and label makes us look like the professional retailer we are. The company’s used products even come with a 90-day warranty, so if anything goes wrong, I can have them repair it or replace it in the first three months for no additional charge. Thanks to that outstanding printing business, I’m able to handle all of my own signs and graphics printing without breaking the bank.