A space cooler

My wife and I knew exactly where we wanted to live and it took us a while to find the right house that was available for a rent to own plan.  We had been living in an apartment that had barely enough space for us, but when we found this three bedroom house, we were excited. I loved the fact that there was a huge garage out back.  I loved the idea of having that garage, and I instantly made plans to make into my own personal space. While my wife was making the inside of the house hers, I was planning out my garage. I had a large screen television with a nice X-box system installed.  There was a refrigerator and a table so I could have my snacks and beer. I knew to get a pool table, and then I would be inviting my pals over. The first time I invited them over for a football game, the first thing anyone asked was where is the air conditioning.  One of the guys even mentioned a portable air conditioner. I live in an area that it really doesn’t get too hot and stay hot for long. There are days, however, when it gets overly warm and really humid. The portable air conditioning would be ideal for the garage. I went out and bought I nice size, but very affordable AC unit.  The next time the guys came over, I thought they would never leave. We were playing pool and cards, and the AC was doing exactly what I wanted it to do.

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