A small surprise

I recently had to take a trip into the city to take care of some things, and I did not have a very good time. I have been living out on my own lard for so many years now, that when it comes to heading into the busy city life it just seems unnatural to me. Pretty much everything on my farm is grown and raised by me, and that is just how I like it. There is one thing however that I really want to have in my home that I just am not able to do on my own. I want to get radiant heated floors installed. During the cold winter nights, it is nice having a heated gas furnace to keep me warm. With that being said, I was feeling nostalgic of the days at my parents house warming up with their radiant heated floors, so I decided to pay the high price for them. I have now paid for and have scheduled out a time for the HVAC team to send out a team to have the floors installed next week. I am pretty curious as to how the process of installing such a technology goes, so I think that I will take a few notes while they are installing them. If I do this, I think that whenever I move I don’t have to hire another company to do it for me. I already grow my own food, I build my own furniture, I might as well learn to build my own heated floors!

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