A serious bug problem

I’m one of those guys who has really terrible luck; If something can go wrong in my life, it genuinely will.

I don’t ever want to think of myself as an angry man or as someone who had regularly waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I’ve l figured out how to anticipate the unexpected, and furthermore, I have primed myself to respond with enjoyable humor instead of rage or complete defeat! That’s the reason I didn’t have to throw a tantrum the other day when I had a big mouth full of bugs fall straight on me.

Instead, I finally got back and let out a hearty chuckle while I ran into the bathroom and scrubbed my face fresh, then you see, my lovely fiance and I have been residing in this residence for a few years now. For as long as we’ve been here, all of us have not been able to utilize the whole loft fan which is claimed to actually ventilate the big loft with dire energy efficiency. There is a good sized fan installed in the attic, and the only evidence of it is some different looking flaps contained in the ceiling of our hallway! When you turn on the fan, the flaps are supposed to open and the fan powerfully draws air up into the attic. If you open the doors and windows, this sucks refreshing outdoor air through your home and create an awesome airflow… However, we’ve never been able to get the fan to work. The two of us decided to force the flaps open, to see if all of us could operate on the fan from down below, then as I carefully prodded the fan ventilation flaps from far below, I heard something different and crunchy up above… Just then, about a hundred dead bugs came raining down directly to my face. Why not.



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