A quality air conditioner

My  son and I are looking for a truck. The two of us want it to be an old, used truck that can fit all we need to haul around. Every time that we try to buy something that is bigger than a few groceries, it never fits in our car. it is a major hassle. So we are in the search for a truck. We would like one that runs fairly well. The two of us could care less if it is beaten up or not. We also don’t care if it has cooling system or not. We can live without cooling system for short trips to town to pick up things from the store. We can even live without a gas furnace in the truck. One of the things we recently wanted to buy at the store was a window cooling system unit. But the two of us couldn’t buy the little heating and cooling system, unfortunately, because it would not fit in our small car! Haha, we had a cooling system in the car, but all of us couldn’t get a cooling system taken back to the house. Anyway, My son and I both feel the truck will be more than useful for us. The two of us have a plan to share the cost and share the use of the truck. Whether the truck has cooling system and a gas furnace or not, it doesn’t matter. We just don’t want to spend tons of money to be able to go to Home Depot and get what we need. However we do want to be able to fit what we buy! So, We are looking at the online classifieds and browsing dealerships. If you happen to see an old truck for sale, with cooling system or without cooling system, please give me a call.

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