A pizza making job

The two of us honestly had a horrible job working in a joint that sold pizzas. The two of us didn’t get lucky enough to be a waiter, but the two of us were stuck making as well as delivering different types of pizzas. Working in the kitchen was a bit of an exhausting job. I didn’t really mind being away from all of the people or making fantastic currency, but our back kitchen didn’t spring for us to have in a air conditioning plan. The owner got an air conditioning plan for the dining area, so all of the customers were comfortable. In the back of the house, there was no air conditioning to keep us cool from all of the hot brick ovens. It was honestly horrible. Every honest shift at my job, I would come home later in the evening with a shirt full of sweat. My own skin was awful, because the air quality was poor as well as there was an immense amount of grease in the air. The air conditioning system would have helped a lot, because it would have helped the indoor air quality. The two of us stayed for an entire summer, but with no temperature control at all it was difficult for the two of us. When the two of us were around the baking pizza ovens, it felt like it was close to 500 Degrees in the kitchen. Even a small ductless air conditioner would have helped to go along way, to make the area much more comfortable for everyone that was working

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