A ping pong battled turned into a broken arm

At least I don’t have to get up plus down to change the temperature for our AC unit

My pals plus I rent a big home together. It’s a more than two dining room home in a nice town. My pals plus I have very fine tasks, plus we can afford the nice locale because we live together. Each one of us has our own separate bedroom plus our own powder room. Both of us also have a living room, living room, garage, plus a very nice game room. The game room is sizable plus spacious, plus our pals plus I decided to buy a ping-pong table to put in the space. Both of us split the cost of the ping-pong table, plus we brought it new home from the store last weekend. It took over 2 hours to get it level, however we finally got the opportunity to play on Monday day. My friend plus I were in the middle of an epic match, when we decided to beginning drinking. Both of us were doing rum shots for an hour, plus the game was getting out of hand I tried to dive for the fall, plus I ended up tripping over the root beer table. I fell right on our arm. It throbbed in pain plus started to swell up. I went to the emergency room plus found out that our arm was broken! Now I’m stuck at home with a broken arm. It’s certainly nice outside plus I want to swim, however I’m stuck here in front of the cable. At least I don’t have to get up plus down to change the temperature for our AC unit. I bought a new air conditioner for our dining room last weekend, plus it came with a little remote control. The pain pills make our temperature fluctuate between warm plus extremely hot. This new air conditioning system machine is certainly coming in handy.


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