A noisy air duct situation

The last beach home I rented had the most aggravating issue with the HVAC duct.

For some reason there was tin foil put inside the HVAC duct. I do not get why the property owner had this done… Due to it, however, it not only looked stupid, but was loud. It was annoying because every single time the central heating in addition to air conditioner method would switch on, there would be this crackling noise. It almost sounded like salt hitting the ground or someone stepping on bubble wrap. I could hear it in the family room the worst too. Anytime I wanted to go to sleep I had to wear some form of plug. If I did not, I would wake up in the middle of the evening hearing the heating or AC method working. The cracking noise just drove me insane. I finally complained to the property owner in addition to insisted that she remove the tin foil or do something about the noise. The property owner talked about how the tin foil protects the HVAC duct. I believe most likely there were leaks in the HVAC duct in addition to the foil held the outdoor air from coming in. I can tell you that it was the final time I stayed in the beach house. The rental was not low cost enough to warrant no resting at night. The next year I went to the beach, I asked about the Heating in addition to A/C in addition to HVAC duct situation 1st thing. I did not want to deal with another mess like that.

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