A nice and new home

I never expected to ever leave our appealing condo up North, but life seems to have its way of catching you off guard. My hubby plus I lived up North in our dream condo for almost twenty years. Both of us grew up in the North, so we never planned on leaving; it was condo to us. However, about more than one years ago, our hubby was provided a new position in the business he was easily working for. It provided a paycheck three times as much as what he was currently making. The only problem was it was only available if we moved out West to where the business’s main headquarters is located. All of us didn’t want to make a decision solely based on cash, so we prayed about it for a couple weeks before making our final decision to transactivity out West. It particularly is unusual living out West in the middle of the desert. It is so dry here I can hardly rest it at times. One of our first purchases after getting settled into our new condo was buying a few humidifiers to place throughout our house. The air was so dry that we would wake up in the morning with sore throats plus truly chapped lips, but getting humidifiers for our condo was a must. All of us put a humidifier in our hubby plus our living room, in our children’s living room, plus in the family room. Having these three humidifiers running 24/7 in our condo have made living out West a whole lot more enjoyable. All of us  no longer wake up with chapped lips plus sore throats.

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