A newer heating system

I recently purchased my dream home–a tiny little beach house right on the edge of a lovely lake; I had never thought I would be able to afford this kind of property before, and so I asked the real estate agent why the price was so low; The property was genuinely older and smaller, however none of it looked in genuinely rough shape; Sure it needed a little TLC, but it was far from needing a complete renovation. She explained the not many people wanted a house this small on such a small plot of land! Previous customers wanted to expand it, however the plot of land wouldn’t allow for it, and no further plots were for sale. Secondly, the Heating, Ventilation & A/C method was on its last leg. The locale had been empty for so long that it would either need to be repaired or upgraded, well, I decided to buy it anyway, by talking to them lowering the price just by another several thousand. I then spoke to an Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation about coming by to do a walk through. They did agree with the real estate agent that the central air idea would have to go–even the duct job was going to need repairs; But the beach house was so small, I asked about ductless Heating, Ventilation & A/C. It would take work, however they agreed they could put in a ductless mini cut method such as a heat pump. It took a lot of work to remove the air duct, however in the end I was able to do what none of the previous customers could–I made more square footage… Removing the air duct freed up a wonderful deal of space, and even gave myself and others taller ceilings, however next year, I’m using my tax return to add a loft.

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