A newer air purifier

I have severe chronic asthma.  Maybe I should rephrase that and say that I used to have severe chronic asthma.  I drove school bus back then, and everyone wanted to blame it on the diesel fumes that came off the bus.  I would be out on a run and I would have to have someone rush out and take over the bus while I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  I couldn’t guess the air quality in the bus was that terrible when none of the youngsters seemed to be minding it and no a single even said they could smell the exhaust.  One day, our doctor told myself and others that I had to make some decisions. She was giving myself and others more than four years to live if I kept up with the way I was going.  She wanted to put myself and others on the lung transplant list, because the cilia that holds the air bubbles which every one of us breathe, were no longer able to work and they were dying off.  This put our partner and myself into a panic. My partner went on a mission and did a lot of research. She found out that almost forty percent of everyone who lived in our area, was suffering from asthma and breathing difficulty.  There were sixty percent more chances of childhood asthma reported in that area, than in any other part of the state. She told myself and others every one of us were moving to an part where the air quality was cleaner. The two of us had a lot of industry in our part and once a week this a single factory sent out a sizable cloud of smoke, and that was when the air quality was the worst and it was in perfect timing to when I was in the hospital.

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