A new thermostat

I feel like I clean the house everyday, but I still find dust on all of the surfaces. My wife started to notice also, and she thinks I am spending the day watching too many soap operas. I bought a new dusting spray and magnetic static eliminator. None of those things helped with the problem. I was starting to worry about my housekeeping skills, until a recent visit with our heating and cooling provider. Our HVAC provider found the reason for our poor air quality. Our air filter and ducting system was covered in hair from my son’s dog.My son had been here in previous weeks, with his dog Bernie. Bernie was a cute St. Bernard, with more hair than a beauty salon. Steve was in town for a week, before he left to be stationed in another state. We were happy to have our boy home with us, and didn’t care about the shedding dog. Steve stayed for a week with Bernie, and all of that dog hair was clogging our air filter. We had no idea that the cute fluffy friend was causing some issues with our indoor air quality. The poor air quality wasn’t from not cleaning, but rather our dirty air filter. I couldn’t imagine how bad our air quality would be, if we owned a dog full time. Our HVAC provider recommended using an air filter specifically designed for pets, when Steve was visiting with Bernie. Next time Steve comes in for a visit, we can replace our air filter with something of better quality.

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