A new radiant heater

Nobody has ever been to a real BBQ until they have been invited to a BBQ like my uncle throws.  He has enough food to feed an army and that doesn’t count all of the food the neighbors and family bring, when they arrive.  There are several types of beer and plenty of soda and water for everyone. Every year on the fourth of July, he throws an epic BBQ party.  There is live music with dancing. We have a badminton, volleyball, and horseshoe games going on. He always has a tent with picnic tables and where the food is laid out.  Usually the people will hang there when it is raining, but mostly it is a shade area for a lot of people. He even has bingo going on in the tent. This past year, he took the BBQ up a notch when he brought in a portable air conditioner.  I couldn’t believe how cool it was inside when I went in to bring in the last of the beer. There sat this big old portable air conditioner, complete with red, white and blue ribbons waving in the wind, from the perch inside the air vents.  The air vents were all around the air conditioner, and they were supplying cooling air to every part of the tent. It was a spectacular holiday, and despite the heat and humidity, we all had an amazing time. I think the air conditioner may become a permanent fixture when it comes to the tent for the BBQ.  I know how much everyone commented on the AC this year.

AC system