A new HVAC system for the campground

My wife was a camping enthusiast.  She was out camping with her family, every weekend, when I  met her. I’m surprised we ever found time for each other, because she was camping so often.  When winter came, we had time for each other. She said they still went camping during the winter, but not very often.  I didn’t really pay attention to her camping stories because it wasn’t something I was interested in. I was usually thinking about the next case I was working on.   

            When she met my friend, who is a HVAC technician, she was very interested in the different types of AC that was available.  She wanted to know about the smaller HVAC units. Later that night, I asked my friend what her attraction to small HVAC units was.  He looked at me oddly and told me it was for the cabin she and her family owned. They were having problems with the HVAC system and she was trying to find a good HVAC system to replace it with.

                I didn’t even know she had a cabin, let alone heating and air conditioning in the cabin.  When she told me that night that she had the perfect HVAC system for their camp, I went along and acted like I knew.  Suddenly she threw a pillow at me and laughed. After years of listening to her chatter about camping, I had never picked up that they owned a campground and they stayed in the  main house that had full HVAC and housed the cafeteria. I know I had told her a long time ago, that I hated camping.

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