A new air conditioner for our toolshed

I have a sprawling property that spans 15 acres of land. Some of the land is cleared, and some of the land is still wooded. The forest is densely filled with pine trees, spruce trees and poplar trees. There is two acres of cleared land by my two story house. There is also a tool shed on the property. I spend a lot of time working in the tool shed. I have a great deal of woodworking tools, and I use them to create different projects. I haven’t been able to spend much time in the toolshed lately, because the outdoor temperatures have been very hot and humid. I had an old A/C unit in the window, but it stopped working late last summer. I tried the A/C unit again yesterday, but all it did was sputter and smoke. I got no cold air from the machine at all. I was talking to my wife about the A/C unit this morning at breakfast. She suggested I buy a portable A/C unit to use when the temperatures are extremely warm. We looked at a few portable A/C units online, but they were more money than I wanted to spend. I hate to waste money on an A/C unit, when there are more important things. We could use a new refrigerator or dishwasher. We could even use the money to pay some extra bills. I know my wife will try to convince me otherwise, but I really don’t want to waste money to buy a portable A/C unit for the tool shed.

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