A lot of homes lose energy efficiency from having uninsulated attics

My close friend is trying to get his energy expenses under control. As his electricity bills kept rising inexplicably, he turned to his child first to blame for the watts being used. He figured that his son’s iPad, TV, and radio were enough to blame for the electricity USge, but after a week of having him limit what he was using afternoon to afternoon, it had little to no effect on the entire house. After apologizing to his child and returning all of his electronics, he had to assume taxing about what could be causing the spike in electricity use in the house. They weren’t silly about using pressing appliances for too long, and they had recently bought a high efficiency washer and dryer pair for the laundry room. It had only been many months since they moved into the house, but the electricity bill was twice the amount it was compared to the first month. The only difference was it was now summer time instead of late Fall when they originally moved in. But, why would the biweekly bills be significantly higher when using the a/c opposed to the oil furnace? He said that he was liberal in running the heat while it was cold, although he still insisted on having an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C inspection. The corporation ran several tests and looked at everything, determining that it was from a lack of insulation in their attic which was causing the a/c to overwork. For whatever reason, the heat was staying in the home better than the a/c. But, he explained that the Winter time weather isn’t as dire at 20 degree lows as compared to their summer, where highs peak above 100 degrees. Their attic was simply leaking the conditioned air, so thankfully all it took was adding insulation to repair the problem once and for all.

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