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Recently I had an addition built onto our family home to try and give our expanding family a little bit of space. We have three kids with a fourth on the way and unfortunately our house was becoming too cramped with people and stuff. I really did not want to put on the addition but there was really no other solution. The current space was not adequate and we do not have the money to buy another home. We were already pretty leveraged but the addition put us at our limit as far as credit is concerned. May be one of the kids will strike it rich and pay off our debt. Anyway, the addition was not just the room added onto the first story of our home, it also included its own basement space. I did this because I wanted the extra space for storage. I have quickly found that the basement space is perfect for storing food. It is cold down there and with just the fan running it feels like an air conditioned room. It will be perfect for storing meats over the year from the hunts I go on. Speaking of the HVAC system, I did not opt to run ducts into the room for the furnace and air conditioner. I think the room will be fine with a space heater and window air conditioner. The addition is located underneath a rather large tree and gets a lot of shade from the sun. It is also well insulated and not too big so a portable heater and air conditioner should be enough.

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