A heater repair comes out of nowhere

Ever since I was young, my number one athletic activity has been playing tennis. I was on the tennis team in high school and college. I enjoyed practicing every day. Now that I’m an adult, I still like to play tennis occasionally. My beach condo has a lovely looking set of community tennis courts that are almost constantly open. As it turns out, though, the tennis courts are most often open because it’s way too hot out there. Maybe it could have something to do with the cement surface. Because it feels like whenever I’m on the court, all the heat is concentrated in just that area. I know I’m feeling like I’m being sizzled in a skillet after only about thirty minutes or so… When I attended both high school and college, I could play tennis for seemingly endless hours. However, because of the heat issue now, I get too fatigued to even finish 1 game. This event has also occurred when I tried to play at night with the sunshine gone, because it’s still quite humid. I think I may ask my friends if they would rather play racquetball, since the racquetball rooms that are inside the gym happen to be wonderfully air conditioned. If my condo’s tennis courts were air conditioned, I would be there much more frequently. Air conditioning is of especially substantial importance when you’re doing athletic activities. I won’t assume I know how to play racquetball as well, although I think I’m going to learn because I would rather play in the a/c. I assume I’ll just have to wait and see if someone comes up with the technology to make tennis courts air conditioned. And until then, I’ll find indoor athletic activities.

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