A hardcore air filter

I have been touring with a successful heavy metal band for the last five years, however they asked me not to mention them by name. I respect that, because at this point I think the band and I are good friends! Living this metal lifestyle is not what I would have pictured myself doing at this point, although I absolutely love my work. I’m even starting to love the tunes, or at least hate them a little less! How does a lady become a permanent metal band roadie if she doesn’t even care for that kind of music, you might ask? Well, there was a little luck involved. It started when the A/C on their tour bus broke down, and then they randomly picked my name out of the phone book to come take a look at it. I was the only HVAC tech willing to make a repair call at 4 in the morning! And so luckily for me, I got the job. I got the A/C on the bus up and running in just a few minutes. Then before they left I told them I could help out with their stage act too. See, they have a lot of smoke in their act, and so I told them the smoke as well as overall exhausting indoor air quality of the venues they play in could have long term destruction on their throats or lungs. For singers, superior air quality is so pressingly important! I started setting up rudimentary ventilation systems for all of their stage shows, using fans as well as air filters in order to make the venues mostly smoke-free. They liked my ventilation work so much that they kept me on permanently.

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