A growing problem

For the past few weeks it has been feeling like everything in my house has been falling apart.

I work full time and I am single with no pets to take care of, so since I don’t have many responsibilities other than myself I have still somehow managed to screw up taking care of this home.

If you ask me I think that things really started to go south around the time when my air conditioning unit started to act up. At the time I thought that giving it a few stern kicks and resetting the unit would do the trick, but when that didn’t work I decided to give a call to the local HVAC company in a few days. A few days turned into a week, and a week turned into a month, so on and so forth. About two months to the date that my air conditioning unit first started to show signs of problems it fully stopped working. When I eventually got an HVAC service tech out to my place to help he ended up giving me the bad news that I had trashed the HVAC unit. Broken and extremely dirty air filters, air ducts that were destroyed, and the list just went on and on. It’s funny, prior to this experience I honestly thought that I was on track to start a family in a year or so, but after seeing how bad I am with handling responsibilities outside of work and procrastination I think I have many years to go before considering that as a viable option.


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