A great way to supplement your central heating system

When my wife and I were at the store Christmas shopping this last Christmas, she was saying how much she wished she had one of those infrared space heaters. Our HVAC system works just fine and we always keep it properly maintained, but she said it would be so nice to have a space heater in front of her in the cold season to keep warm. She also said how nice they are because the infrared heaters work by heating objects in the room instead of the air itself. This seemed to be a rather advanced type of technology, and it made me wonder how energy efficient these heating systems actually were. I decided to get a nice infrared heater for my wife later on for Christmas. She was so happy when she opened that gift, and she plugged it in to use it right away! I was glad she loved it so much and was already testing it out. She actually started using it every single day when she would sit down to read her books. I was quite surprised when I seen the energy bills after she started using that infrared heater. There wasn’t much of a change in the electric bill at all! Those infrared heaters really are incredibly energy efficient seeing as there wasn’t a huge change in the energy bill. I’m glad she wanted to get one of those. I might even consider getting a few more in the future because it seems they don’t higher the energy bill very much! I feel it’s a great way to supplement your central heating system.