A great meal

  My sweetheart Stephen just got a brand new job with this up and coming supplier! He got a large bonus, lots of responsibilities and is usually working all of the time. Basically, he’s working 12 hours a day now. He also gets summoned into the office every weekend without notice. Just the other weekend, I made plans. The youngsters and I would get away. I had unused tickets for the local hockey team and hotel rented downtown! Right before all of us were about to leave, you know who got called into the office. To top this off, our A/C system just stopped working. I called Stephen at work concerning 2 things. I wanted to find out if he could get to our house in time to make it to the game. I also wanted to hear his ideas on what to do about the A/C issue. Stephen was stressed, upset and said under no circumstances could he do either of those things for me… After he hung up I got to work. I called my parents and had them take the kids to the game. They got to experience the game and stay in the hotel! Next, I called the local air conditioning business and paid for emergency service. I got the A/C repairman to come to my house within the hour. He was able to repair, wash and fix the A/C system in no time. The A/C was back to normal and I prepared a very nice brunch! I then called Stephen to tell him the A/C was taken care of, the children were out of the house and I had a good meal waiting for him at home.

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