A great foundation

My brother and I decided to drive up north last month, in order to see his number one football team play in the playoffs. It was a very long drive that would take almost the whole waking day to get to the game. We knew there would be a change in the temperature. When we left the house, it was 76 and sunny. However, when arrived at our destination up north, it was ice cold, nearing 25 degrees and snowing! That’s the best weather for a nice football playoff game, in our opinion. During our third day in town, the heat in my brother’s vehicle died; and we did not have any extra money to service the heater, because the playoff tickets were so overpriced. Nonetheless, my brother and I drove around without heat for 3 afternoons. We enjoyed seeing the playoffs and our number one team won by a landslide. When it came time to drive back home, all of us decided to use a debit card to service the car heater problem. We found a vehicle dealership in the city, and asked them to look into the heating problem; both of us hoped the issue would be minor and something easy to remendy. After 30 minutes, the heating technician came out to tell us that the car had blown several fuses. During the few more afternoons up north, my brother and I drove around without any heat, because we thought there was a major issue. Every one of us did not realize the problem could have been a straight-forward repair. We did not even spend $100 on a current fuse and labor to fix it. My brother and I drove the whole way home, laughing about our entire situation.

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