A great deal

I work as a home inspector for one of the largest real estate suppliers.  After eight years, I have seen it all. I have learned how to ignore everything from mess to spiderwebs, and target  the safety and structure of the property. It’s is not my job to judge anyone. I only report the value and condition of the residence.  A few years back, I realized that an important component to check is the HVAC duct system and air vents. I make sure they are clean and in good working order.  It’s surprising, the unusual debris I have uncovered. Everything from dead squirrels and nuts to toys and dust are in the ducts. The most common issue I find is bees.  Many people never bother to check the air vents which lead outside for this particular pest. Bees are always attracted to air vents for various reasons. The vents provide them protection from the weather.  They keep them warm, and also help to avoid predators. I keep the local bee relocator in business all by myself. I have him as my first contact in my phone. Fortunately, he is always available and I have never had bees come back once he moves them.  The bee guy always tells people they should make regular inspections of any vents or chimney around the house at least twice a year. It doesn’t take long for a colony of bees to get started. It can be super tough to get rid of them once they are settled in. I always offer new homeowners his contact information, especially if I discover an infestation through my inspection.  

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