A great air quality plan

I recently found out that I was pregnant. I have more than one other children & all my mom friend’s keep telling me that as I keep having more children it gets easier. They would tell me the whole pregnancy, the cravings & the delivery would be easier. However, I could not disagree with them more. I guess my third pregnancy has been the hardest so far. I am always asking my spouse to go out in the middle of the night & maintenance me a bowl of ice cream & squashes. I am so thankful that he hasn’t complained about this too much yet. Last week, I started to have certainly terrible tepid flashes. I was covered in sweat through my clothes & it was so awful. I didn’t suppose how to make the covered in sweat stop however to turn down the control device & have the cooling system blasting, then my bad spouse has been putting an extra blanket on the bed each night because the blasting cooling system has him frigid every night. I guess terrible however if I don’t keep the cooling system going, I won’t be able to sleep through the night & them I will be cranky the whole next morning during work. After I gave birth to my little terrible girl, I finally got over the tepid flashes & were were able to turn the control device back to a normal temperature again. I hope that if the people I was with and I decide to have another kid that I won’t have quite as hard of a pregnancy as this 1!

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